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Kranky Kettle can bring our fresh popped gourmet kettle corn in your favorite flavors and colors to you. We can also provide fresh squeezed Lemon Shakers for thirsty crowds!
This is how we can help
If you'd like to have Kettle Corn at your next event, fair, party or would like a unique fundraiser let us know and we'll put together a plan to help make your next event a success! 
We can help you raise extra funds through the sale of our kettle corn, pre-packaged or onsite at stores, malls or community events. Please fill out the Contact Form and let us know if you'd like us to help you raise money for your organization. We'll send you details on how much you can expect to earn, where we can pop with you and how you can sell your very own signature kettle corn.
Concerts & Festivals
Concerts, community bands, town fairs and festivals are some of the most fun places we pop! Kettle Corn is perfect for snacking as your patrons enjoy the music or festival events. Popping kettle corn is a big draw for people looking to have fun and enjoy themselves. Please fill out the Contact Form and let us know when you'd like us to come help.
Corporate Parties  
Helping companies celebrate their people and success is one of our favorite ways to spread the kettle corn love. We provide Concession Catering for your Corporate Party Event at reasonable prices. We can provide bags or cups of kettle corn in the sizes you'd like. Employees can just grab a bag while enjoying your party activities. Please fill out the Contact Form and let us know how we can serve you.  
Sporting Events
From stadium events to foot and car races we will provide kettle corn and lemonade smashers to make your sporting event top notch. Schools, YMCAs, community race groups, course owners, or sporting venues can have a special kettle corn mix created to reflect your brand. Please fill out the Contact Form and let us know how we can help keep the crowds satisfied with yummy snacks and cold drinks.
Markets & Fairs
Farmers Markets, Crafts and Street fairs are our favorite way to bring Kranky Kettle Gourmet Kettle Corn to people looking for a healthy, tasty and unique snack. We love being a part of the energy of Markets and Fairs. We enjoy the people and the atmosphere while we pop our corn. Let us know if we can add to your next event. Please fill out the Contact Form and let us know where you'd like us to be.
Private Parties
Birthday, Anniversary, Weddings and Block Parties - we love them all!  Let us bring a unique snack to your next party. We can bring the popper to kick off the party or stay for the duration. Want to give the neighborhood spooks & goblins a real treat on Halloween? How about having kettle corn for the kids (and grown-ups) while everyone chills at your next cook-out? Please fill out the Contact Form and let us know where you'd like us to be.
Contact Us
Let us know what you think you'd like us to do for your event or fundraising effort and we'll get back to you with the details of how to schedule your own visit by the team at Kranky Kettle Gourmet Kettle Corn.

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